Let's innovate and invent!

Science and Engineering Camp will offer a variety of weekly courses in coding, programming, engineering, and design. We are excited to explore innovation, prototyping, experimenting, and risk-taking – some of the essential skills learners need for the future. Seasoned maker educators from around the country will engage, delight, and challenge campers to express their creativity and imagination both on screen and off.

June 22 – July 24

Boys and Girls, Rising Grades 3-8
Junior Camp: Rising Grades 3-5
Senior Camp: Rising Grades 6-8
Monday – Friday
10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Flexible weekly enrollment

Weekly Themes:

Week 1
Junior Campers
Mission to Mars
Come explore space, the last great frontier, in Mission to Mars. Campers will play an interactive choose-your-own-adventure team game as they race to reach the Red Planet. Campers will learn about the history of space exploration, the challenges of interplanetary travel, and all of the strange and fascinating elements of the universe (including black holes!) Campers will also use cardboard engineering techniques to design their own rovers and Martian habitats. 
Silly Sidekicks
Come mix analog skills with digital skills to design and create a moveable animal or character. Campers will be introduced to various rapid prototyping techniques while learning how to dream and build a moveable sidekick.
Senior Campers
Creative Coding
In this course, campers will learn how to express their creativity through code. p5.js is a JavaScript library that makes coding accessible for everyone, even beginners. Using the original metaphor of a software sketchbook, p5.js has a full set of drawing functionality. With p5.js, campers will reimagine their whole browser page as their artwork.
Graphic Design: Dream Zine
A ‘zine is a self-published magazine. ‘Zines typically focus on niche, or obscure but interesting, topics. Campers will design a ‘zine based on their hobbies and interests. In this graphic design course, campers will learn how to create their own ‘zine by exploring a variety of layout and design techniques.

Week 2
Junior Campers
Narratives and Simple Machines
Every story has a challenge or problem to solve. For this course in novel engineering, campers will listen to stories of different people (fiction and non-fiction) and then solve problems by creating simple machines using materials available at home (cardboard, recyclables). Campers will also create a gear using various materials and a CAD program. 
Amusement Park Rides
In this course, campers will construct their very own marble roller coaster using craft materials and a host of creative techniques! Campers will explore theme park and roller coaster design as they put their knowledge of engineering and physics to the test. Each day, campers will explore construction techniques and progressively build a marble roller coaster with loops, turns, corkscrews, and anything else they can imagine! 
Senior Campers
The BBC Micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that you can use to make a robot, create a musical instrument, program an invention, design and code an interactive game, design an interactive art project, or create a wearable. In this course, campers will learn how to code and program the Micro:bit using a block based programming language and will build inventions using cardboard and other craft materials. 

Week 3
Junior Campers
2D and 3D Rendering with Scratch and Beetleblocks
In this course, campers will use code to create intricate and imaginative art. Campers will learn how block-based programming can be used as a tool to create artwork both onscreen and off. 
Senior Campers
This course takes inspiration from Andres Oppenheimer's book, The Robots Are Coming. In the book, it talks about how different professions are being affected by machine learning and artificial intelligence. The robots are not coming, they are here! Students will explore how AI affects their lives today, explore different applications of algorithmic thinking, and learn how artificial intelligence can be used for good to solve problems in a variety of areas. Students will also use their own intelligence to train machine learning models using text, images, and voice. 


Week 4
Junior & Senior Campers
Urban Planning
In this course, campers will design and build an urban environment and then create a story about their place. Campers will be encouraged to design their city to incorporate large city towers, mechanical contraptions and robotic mechanisms. Over the course of the week, campers will have built a cityscape which tells a story.


Week 5
Junior & Senior Campers
Paper Engineering
Join this camp course focused on exploring paper as structural pieces. Campers will explore pop-up techniques, learn a variety of different paper engineering techniques, and will explore ways to animate their creations by adding circuits and electronics.