Let's design the future!
Advanced STEAM Camp will offer a variety of weekly courses in coding, programming, engineering, art, and design. Seasoned maker educators will guide campers into an in-depth exploration of a STEAM topic, allowing campers to experiment, prototype, invent, and innovate.
3D Printing
Campers will design and fabricate custom 3D models. Campers will learn how to design in 3D using a software program called Tinkercad. Campers will also learn how to prepare their custom designs for 3D printing.

Creative Coding
Campers will explore the imaginative uses of technology when merged with the arts. In this course, campers will primarily use p5.js to build interactive visuals. P5.js is a JavaScript library that uses Processing to make coding accessible for artists and designers

In this forensic science course, students learn how law enforcement uses science to catch criminals. Students will become members of a crime scene unit and learn how to process a crime scene, gather evidence, and analyze data. They will learn about fingerprints, fibers, hair, dental impressions, tool marks, blood spatter, and much more.

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that you can use to make your own inventions. Make a robot, create a musical instrument, program an invention to solve a problem, design and code an interactive game. We will program the Micro:bit and build using cardboard and other craft materials. Let your imagination run wild!

Painting → Drawing → Sculpture
Campers will explore drawing, painting, and sculpture – three major foundations of the visual arts – in this week-long intensive. An extensive still life will be set up in the studio that will serve as a springboard for campers’ creative spirits as they experiment with a variety of materials. Imaginative exploration is highly encouraged!

Surgical Techniques
What is it really like to be a physician or surgeon? In this course, students will investigate how the body works by participating in a range of hands-on activities, such as dissections and construction of life-sized physiological system maps (skeletal, nervous, circulatory, immune). Students will conduct simulated surgeries, perform biopsies, and learn how to suture. They will also learn about important medical and surgical breakthroughs and practice the type of problem-based learning taught in medical school.

June 27 – July 29

Boys and Girls, Rising Grades 6-8
Monday – Friday
9:00 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.
Drop off begins at 8:30 a.m.
1026 Fifth Avenue
Flexible weekly enrollment

Weekly Offerings:

Week 1:
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Week 2:
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Week 3:
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Week 4:
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Week 5:
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